phase 1



Phase 1 includes a complete gut renovation of the main building on the Shore Road property, which began in Summer 2022. Renovations are expected to be completed in time for the 2024-2025 school year, with the following Phase 1 outcomes:


  • New classrooms to enhance project-based learning
  • New spaces to provide support for smaller group instruction
  • 2 modern science labs
  • 2 art studios, including space for ceramics
  • Space for music classes
  • 2 indoor multipurpose spaces for collaboration, studying and recreation
  • Outdoor, rooftop space for class meetings, independent work and social gatherings 
  • Spaces for innovation and design






Phase 1 impact for all grade levels:

Once the main building on Shore Road is ready for occupancy, Grades 9-12 will move into the new facility that is just steps away from waterfront parkland. Music space, science labs and private outdoor spaces that will be part of the main Shore Road Building will be made available for use by Lower and Middle School students to expand the teaching and learning opportunities for Grades K-8.


phase 2